Verification and underwriting

Application queue management

Add more trust to the business-customer relationship using tools for application queue monitoring. Track the entire application management process to detect delays. After careful verification, an application can be approved, postponed or returned for revision.

Single window of verifier

Increase the efficiency of the verifying process with fast access to the application’s data. Easily access the results of automatic verifications and the list of mandatory or recommended actions. Use bpm’online to verify more applications in less time and more easily detect fraudulent accounts.

Application underwriting

The system helps to quickly and efficiently proof and verify identities. On a single page underwriters can access all the necessary information required to make a decision on the application. Bpm’online lending also empowers managers to revise and change the final terms of financing if needed.

Enrichment of the application with consumer reporting agency data

Draw data from a consumer reporting agency automatically to verify loan applications quickly. Store the needed data on a customer credit history for future references.