Credit product management

Unified product catalog

Manage all your financial products in bpm'online lending. An up-to-date and complete loan product catalog will help you offer clients all the products relevant to them. Each product can be categorized by an unlimited number of criteria: interest rates, terms, payment schedules, etc.

Product packages

Offer product packages to your customers to increase sales. With bpm’online lending you can easily define which products should be included in a package, calculate insurance costs, etc.

Related products

Identify related products to be offered to a customer during the application registration process. Make sure you never miss a single chance to cross-sell, as the system will always notify agents about such opportunity or will offer a product to a customer from directly within the online banking system.

Insurance programs

Offer your customers the most suitable insurance programs. Bpm’online lending will automatically calculate insurance payments or will use third-party tools to calculate the value of loan guarantee, as well as determine interest rates for different insurance programs.

Product catalogue management


The system provides all the necessary tools to keep the product catalog up-to-date, allowing for easy addition and modification of products. Built-in designer allows to instantly create and modify banking product terms – you only need to select the preferred settings from one of the lookups in the system.

Document bundles


Define a set of documents required for loan origination. All necessary documents, such as a loan agreement, pledge agreement, guarantee agreement, effective interest rate notice and other are generated automatically according to the customizable templates.