360° customer view

Unified customer database

A comprehensive database allows for keeping a complete history of all customer interactions. In bpm'online lending you always have access to all latest updates and information about clients, financial products, loan applications, contracts, financial performance and payment schedules of clients. 360-degree view of your customer will help to offer the most relevant financial products and improve customer service. Smart duplicate detection and merge mechanisms keep data clean and up-to-date.

Customer segmentation

Segment the customers based on a number of parameters simultaneously (products, territory, etc.), track changes in the structure of customer database. Design specific business processes for each segment to provide more personalized communications.

Interactions and communication history


Build relationships with customers based on a complete history of their communication patterns. Bpm’online keeps track of every interaction with each account or contact, including meetings and calls, contracts, orders and invoices. This enables you to evaluate the progress of your relationships, change your approach to achieve better results and make well-thought data-driven decisions.

Data enrichment through social media


Use bpm’online lending pre-built social media integration features to enrich customer profiles with additional data from Facebook and Twitter. Get various customer information from social networks with the click of a mouse.

Search and merge duplicates


Identify and eliminate duplicate records in bpm’online sales in order to manage your customer database more efficiently. When creating new records the system automatically checks for duplicates, additionally you can perform a manual check or schedule a recurrent search for duplicate accounts and contacts.

Customer database analytics


Analyze your customer database and convert the data into actionable insight that will help to identify new opportunities. A thorough analysis enables you to see your customer base under a different lens and identify the top customers that could fuel your company’s growth. Customize dashboards in bpm’online lending to keep an eye on the key performance indicators.